Benchmarks for Apples-to-Apples FAIR Signposting

These are the Apples-to-Apples FAIR Signposting benchmark tests for tools to verify parsing and compliance with the FAIR Signposting profile.


Hidden benchmarks

These additional benchmarks are not listed in the autogenerated list above as they don't "exist" according to HTTP:


A generated linkset contains the above listing of benchmark items in programmatic form, which can be parsed according to IETF Internet-Draft draft-ietf-httpapi-linkset.

Persistent Identifiers

There is a corresponding Persistent Identifier (PID) for each test, given as suffixed with the test name listed above and a trailing /, e.g. — however note that many of the tests do not have the corresponding cite-as header as each of them are intended to test one feature or edge case of FAIR Signposting. The listing above links to these PIDs through the use of <base href=…> in HTML.


Note that some of the tests (e.g. 04-http-describedby-iri/) deliberately refer to resources using IRIs to the alternative hostname з (aka xn--11-slc.xn--e1a4c in IDNA encoding) instead of as pointed to by the PID redirects.


Additional Link headers are deliberately present in HTTP and HTML for presentation purposes, e.g. rel=stylesheet and rel=preload — these should be ignored for signposting.

Protocol and transports