Chapter 1: Introduction
TODO: Introduction to PhD
Updating Linked Data practices for FAIR Digital Object principles
Talk abstract presented at FAIR Digital Objects conference (FDO2022)
Creating lightweight FAIR Digital Objects with RO-Crate
Poster abstract presented at FAIR Digital Objects conference (FDO2022)
Making Canonical Workflow Building Blocks interoperable across workflow languages
Journal article published in Data Intelligence
The Specimen Data Refinery: A canonical workflow framework and FAIR Digital Object approach to speeding up digital mobilisation of natural history collections
Journal article published in Data Intelligence
Incrementally building FAIR Digital Objects with Specimen Data Refinery workflows
Poster abstract presented at FAIR Digital Objects conference (FDO2022)
Chapter 6: Conclusions
TODO: Discussions and conclusions of PhD
Appendix A: Acknowledgements
TODO: Acknowledgements of PhD
Appendix B: Contributions
TODO: Contributions of PhD
Supplement 1: Ten Simple Rules for making a software tool workflow-ready
Journal article published in PLOS Computational Biology
Supplement 2: Enhancing RDM in Galaxy by integrating RO-Crate
Poster abstract presented at FAIR Digital Objects conference (FDO2022)
Supplement 4: Methods Included: Standardizing Computational Reuse and Portability with the Common Workflow Language
Journal article published in Communications of the ACM
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Overview tl;dr: Open Source research software engineer with interests in Linked Data, RESTful web services, provenance, annotations, open science, reproducible research results. research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/soiland-reyes.html uva.nl/en/profile/s/o/s.soilandreyes/s.soiland-reyes.html scholar.social/@soilandreyes (Mastodon) orcid.org/0000-0001-9842-9718 slides.com/soilandreyes github.com/stain linkedin.com/in/stain/ twitter.com/soilandreyes slideshare.net/soilandreyes Biography Stian Soiland-Reyes is a Technical Architect and Research Associate at the eScience Lab in the Department of Computer Science. As a joint researcher and software developer he is working on reproducibility, provenance and metadata to improve FAIR sharing of open research data and computational workflows, within ELIXIR Europe, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) projects including EOSC-Life and the workflow repository WorkflowHub.
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