s11 House Rules

Through my daily work as a pretend academic and open source developer I seem to have developed a set of house rules I enforce on myself. House Rules are normally guides used within large organizations to encourage common approaches, e.g. style guides for writing and design, or procedures for publishing.

Here I will try to gather these s11 House Rules as I find time to write them down, hopefully some of them can be useful to others.

Choosing an open source license
Apache License 2.0 for workflows and medium-large software projects and libraries that should be integratable, or where you may get contributions (as it automatically applies itself to contribution received and adds patent suit protection). For larger datasets that may have mixed licenses or attributions. MIT for small useful snippets you may want to copy-paste other places including GPL 2 (Apache only works with GPL3 because of said patent protection). (BSD 2-Clause is a variant of this, but less explicit about what is allowed) …
s11 Citation & Bibliography Style Guide
In academic writing, the s11 House Rules recommend the following bibliography style: Journal article Farah Zaib Khan, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Richard O. Sinnott, Andrew Lonie, Carole Goble, Michael R. Crusoe (2019): Sharing interoperable workflow provenance: A review of best practices and their practical application in CWLProv. GigaScience 8(11):giz095 https://doi.org/10.1093/gigascience/giz095 Notes: First line lists all authors with full names as listed within article. No assumptions made about surnames. After last author, add (year) in 4 digits, reflecting official publishing date, which may be before issue’s publication date. …