Tracking workflow execution with TavernaProv

Apache Taverna is a scientific workflow system for combining web services and local tools. Taverna records provenance of workflow runs, intermediate values and user interactions, both as an aid for debugging while designing the workflow, but also as a record for later reproducibility and comparison.

Taverna also records provenance of the evolution of the workflow definition (including a chain of wasDerivedFrom relations), attributions and annotations; for brevity we here focus on how Taverna’s workflow run provenance extends PROV and is embedded with Research Objects.

Tracking versions with PAV
The PAV ontology specializes the W3C PROV-O standard to give a lightweight approach to recording details about a resource, giving its Provenance, Authorship and Versioning. Our paper on PAV explores all of these aspects in details. In this blog post we discuss Versioning as modelled by PAV, including their hierarchical organization. Version numbers {#versionnumbers} Semantic versioning {#semver} Making versions retrievable {#retrievable} Ordering previous versions {#ordering} Providing provenance for each version {#each-version} Related work {#relatedwork} PROV-O revisions {#provo} Qualified revisions {#qualified} DC Terms {#dcterms} schema.
What exactly happened to LSID?
What exactly happened to LSID? It was a technically sound approach it would seem and one whose failure we would do well to learn more from.