Chapter 2: Background
In this chapter, we discuss the related work with respect to FAIR Digital Objects and Linked Data. We do so by looking through the lens of development of these technologies over time, including future directions.
Chapter 3: FAIR Digital Objects and Linked Data
Evaluating FAIR Digital Object and Linked Data as distributed object systems
Preprint submitted to PeerJ CS
Chapter 4: RO-Crate
Chapter 5: Computational Workflows
An aggregated list of references from the chapters of this PhD thesis.
Supplement 15: Recording provenance of workflow runs with RO-Crate
Working Manuscript, in preparation for PLOS One submission
Supplement 17: Federated causal inference based on real-world observational data sources: application to a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness assessment
Preprint submitted to BMC Medical Research Methodology
Supplement 19: Enhancing Research Data Management in Galaxy and Data Stewardship Wizard by utilising RO-Crates
BioHackrXiv preprint from ELIXIR BioHackathon 2022