Wf4Ever project

Wf4Ever was a research object funded by EU Framework 7 to investigate how scientific workflows and their data could be better preserved for reproducibility, reuse and resiliance against workflow decay.

For instance, a particular computational analysis may require certain software preinstalled, and rely on web services and databases on the network. The workflow is also executed in a particular workflow engine, possibly using plugins or additional shims for data conversations etc. Reference datasets are used for comparisons. All of these components are however subject to change, both desirable (e.g. a web service gets new feature) and undesirable (e.g. a software binary no longer run on newer OS), and this can make the computational method captured in the form of a workflow over time turn inaccessible, incomprehensible, incompatible or unavailable.

In the project, researchers from Spain, UK, Poland and The Netherlands collaborated to develop methods and demonstrators for workflow preservation in bioinformatics and astrophysics, developing the concept of Research Objects to maturity, adding detailed provenance capture and metadata support for the workflow systems Taverna and WINGS while co-developing Linked Data standards like W3C PROV and W3C Web Annotation model.


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This list of project deliverables is adapted from with updated hyperlinks as is no longer available. Except where noted as confidential, these project deliverables are all Open Access licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY-3.0).

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