Skype redirection

This page can be used to get a 303 See Other HTTP redirect to a Skype resource. For instance, if you are using a wiki that only accepts http:// hyperlinks, but you wanted to link to skype:echo123 to call the user echo123, you can instead link to This page will also provide a link to download Skype if it has not been installed or the skype: protocol is not registered in the browser.

The URIs minted below can also be used for statements about Skype contacts in RDF if the unregistered skype: protocol is not desireable.


Replace echo123 with your Skype name


To find your own Skype name, click "Profile" in Skype.

To find the Skype name of a contact, right click on the contact within Skype and click "View contact"

To find the URI for a group chat in Skype, type /get uri into the chat window. Append that to

For persistent Skype telcons, click "Create a group" and then use /topic Something something to give it a name. Participants who followed the links can click "Join call", lurk in the text chat, or leave the chat. (Note: the Linux Skype client and older OS X clients are currently not able to initiate a group call in this way, and will instead create a duplicate call which can't be joined by URI.)

Source code

This service is made using Apache 2 redirection and PHP. See for source code and to suggest improvements/pull requests.